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Join our providers at the 2022 online IOCDF Conference as we facilitate discussion about harm-related obsessions and compulsions

Drs. Brandt and Davidson, along with colleagues from the Collective Care Clinic (Keegan and Alie), are excited to be facilitating a community discussion group on harm-related obsessions/compulsions at the conference. People unfamiliar with OCD often assume it only presents as contamination fears and hand-washing, however, obsessions/compulsions can take many forms. A common but lesser-known manifestation […]

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Dr. Aten discusses How youth have been impacted by mental health

Collective Care Clinic’s Dr. Aten, Director of Child and Adolescent Services discusses how youth have been impacted by mental health concerns and what can be done about it. Read more.

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Dr. Sheftel podcast interview

Handling Coronavirus Uncertainty with Dr. Jenna Sheftel

With everything going on in the world right now we felt sharing some simple and effective strategies for dealing with health anxiety and uncertainty around the Coronavirus (Covid-19) might be helpful. Dr. Sheftel is a licensed clinical psychologist at the Portland Anxiety Clinic, LLC. She is committed to integrating evidence-based models with the wisdom of […]

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We welcome Dr. Jill Waldman to the Portland Anxiety Clinic

Dr. Waldman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in working with children, teens, and young adults. In order to provide the most effective, personalized treatment for her patients, she uses a supportive and collaborative approach. Dr. Waldman earned her Master’s Degree from Lewis and Clark College in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Child […]

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Employment Opportunities

Seeking practitioner to work in established practice who has experience with research supported Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to treat the full spectrum of anxiety and related disorders. Preference given to someone who can help run an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Candidate must be a licensed psychologist or counselor in the state of Oregon.

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