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Single session exposure therapy for children with school-based selective mutism

Dr. Björn Bergström is the Director of Research for the Portland Anxiety Clinic (LLC), and the Chair of the Anxiety Research Team (Pacific University), and an active clinician who specializes in tailoring empirically-supported treatments. In his full-time Assistant Professor role with Pacific University, he teaches, supervises and conducts research on evidence-based treatments for anxiety disorders. […]

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Ethical Considerations of Exposure Therapy

Promoting Empirically-Supported Treatments and Dissemination of Research Jill Davidson, Psy.D. Empirically-supported treatments are underutilized in clinical practice despite clear and well established efficacy (whether treatment works) and effectiveness (whether it works in everyday practice). These empirically-supported treatments, such as exposure therapy for anxiety disorders in which patients are asked to deliberately face their fears, are […]

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