Join our providers at the 2022 online IOCDF Conference as we facilitate discussion about harm-related obsessions and compulsions

Drs. Brandt and Davidson, along with colleagues from the Collective Care Clinic (Keegan and Alie), are excited to be facilitating a community discussion group on harm-related obsessions/compulsions at the conference. People unfamiliar with OCD often assume it only presents as contamination fears and hand-washing, however, obsessions/compulsions can take many forms. A common but lesser-known manifestation of OCD involves intrusive thoughts and images about physically harming others/oneself, inappropriate sexual behavior, and/or saying/doing something bigoted, which leads people to engage in various compulsive behaviors aimed at preventing harm (e.g., hiding sharp objects, reviewing their actions repeatedly, seeking reassurance from others, avoiding violent media, etc.). Understandably, harm-related obsessions can feel incredibly distressing, scary, shameful, and isolating. We are looking forward to offering a space for people impacted by harm OCD to connect and learn that these intrusive thoughts are in fact quite common.