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Employment Opportunities

Seeking practitioner to work in established practice who has experience with research supported Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to treat the full spectrum of anxiety and related disorders. Preference given to someone who can help run an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Candidate must be a licensed psychologist or counselor in the state of Oregon.


Introducing Our New Sister Clinic in Bend, OR

Introducing our new sister clinic in Bend, OR Our expansion offers anxiety and depression treatment to underserved populations in Central Oregon. Photo: Michelle Hirschy. Recognizing the growing need for access to evidence-based treatment, the Portland Anxiety Clinic has opened a second location in Bend, Oregon. Our sister clinic in Central Oregon improves access, efficiency and effective delivery of evidence-based treatment for anxiety […]


Single session exposure therapy for children with school-based selective mutism

One of his most recent projects was presented at the 75th annual conference for the Oregon Academy of Science (OAS) on selective-mutism, exploring the potential benefits of adapting single-session designs: Morgan Bolen, Blake Gimbel, Kate MacLeod, and Björn Bergström / Pacific University, Hillsboro, OR Selective Mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder that primarily affects school-aged children. It […]

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We welcome Dr. Jill Waldman to the Portland Anxiety Clinic

Dr. Waldman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in working with children, teens, and young adults. In order to provide the most effective, personalized treatment for her patients, she uses a supportive and collaborative approach. Dr. Waldman earned her Master’s Degree from Lewis and Clark College in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Child […]


Ethical Considerations of Exposure Therapy

Promoting Empirically-Supported Treatments and Dissemination of Research Jill Davidson, Psy.D. Empirically-supported treatments are underutilized in clinical practice despite clear and well established efficacy (whether treatment works) and effectiveness (whether it works in everyday practice). These empirically-supported treatments, such as exposure therapy for anxiety disorders in which patients are asked to deliberately face their fears, are […]


Comprehensive Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The Portland Anxiety Clinic offers comprehensive assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADHD and learning disability evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. We offer comprehensive assessment for children and adults for learning disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), and diagnostic clarification. Assessment and testing is particularly helpful for children with academic struggles, college students having difficulties keeping up with […]


The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Heidi Meeke

Anxiety: it exists in all of us Some medical conditions or diseases can be discovered with the help of a doctor’s sharp eye or a laboratory test, but anxiety is a different creature altogether. A bit of anxiety, here and there, exists in all of us. But for some, a high level of anxiety can […]


The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Jill Davidson

Children are not immune from anxiety It’s hard enough for adults to witness chaos in the world by watching the nightly newscasts and 24-hour cable news. But images of an unsettled world can also be troubling for our children. It may be one reason our kids are experiencing an increase in anxiety. Noticing this upsurge […]


The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Jason Guy Richards

Do you suffer from illness anxiety? You might have discovered yourself doing this — perhaps several times a year. You experience a symptom, such as a headache, and you instantly search the Internet for the cause. You’re not alone. Many people use the internet and discover that a simple symptom, in some cases, can be fatal. […]

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