The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Jill Davidson

Children are not immune from anxiety

It’s hard enough for adults to witness chaos in the world by watching the nightly newscasts and 24-hour cable news.

But images of an unsettled world can also be troubling for our children. It may be one reason our kids are experiencing an increase in anxiety.

Noticing this upsurge in children’s anxiety is Dr. Jill Davidson, clinical psychologist and co-director and founder of the Portland Anxiety Clinic. Her job is to treat anxiety and related disorders.

“Anxiety is normal and it’s not dangerous,” Davidson, who sees kids, adolescents and adults in her practice, said. “Anxiety tends to present very similarly in adults and children. It’s actually our defense mechanism when we perceive something as being dangerous or when there is something dangerous.” With anxiety, we can react out of proportion to the situation.

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