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Relapse Prevention Group For OCD

Who is appropriate for this group?

  • Patients who have been in our Intermediate Care Programs (ICP) (IOP and PHP)
  • Patients who are in individual outpatient therapy working through their challenges with a therapist who uses evidence-based therapies for anxiety and depression
  • Patients who had received treatment (either ICP or outpatient) who have since left therapy and would like to boost their skills and continue to effectively manage their challenges

When does this group meet and where?

This group meets on Wednesdays from 10:20-11:40 at our Intermediate Care Program office:

1750 SW Skyline Blvd Suite 201
Portland, OR 97221

Who runs this group?

  • Dr. Niles Cook is a licensed psychologist who sees outpatients at our downtown Portland location.
  • Dr. Cook will run this group at the ICP office location one day a week
  • Dr. Cook specializes in working with individuals, families, and couples who suffer from anxiety and depression using evidence-based interventions

What will I do in this group?

  • Focus on maintaining the skills learned during ICP or individual psychotherapy
  • Focus and discuss challenges associated with real life situations which can be difficult when facing anxiety and/or depressive triggers
  • Focus and discuss challenges at work, school, in relationships and/or with self-care as it applies to preventing a relapse of old behavior and thinking patterns
  • Focus and talk through your challenges and receive feedback from Dr. Cook and from other group members. Receive support in helping to maintain the gains made in treatment

What is the cost?

  • Each session is $125
  • Payment is out-of-pocket
  • A billing statement can be given to patients to submit to their insurance company for partial or full reimbursement (depending on the plan and patient deductible)

When can I join this group?

  • You can join this group after discharge from our ICP
  • You can join this group while in individual therapy with another clinician
  • You can join this group if you are not currently in therapy but have attended therapy in the recent past and would like to maintain the gains you have made
  • This is an open group and you can join at any time, provided you have meet the requirements

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