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Community Based Skills Training

Community-Based Services

Portland Anxiety Clinic is now offering community-based services to individuals and families. This service is designed to help assist individuals and families in community and home settings who have difficulty managing symptoms outside of our clinics. The goal of all programming offered at Portland Anxiety Clinic is twofold: to reduce symptoms associated with the presenting problem(s) and to increase the patient’s ability to function across different settings (e.g., school, work, family/home life, engage in self-directed selfcare, etc.). Sometimes therapy/intensive therapy (multiple hours a day at multiple days per week) may not be enough to see lasting change. Portland Anxiety Clinic is excited to offer Community-Based Skills Training as an add-on service to help to achieve those goals.

An integral part of the evidence-based therapies performed at Portland Anxiety Clinic is to extend the patient and family’s learning beyond the clinical setting. This is often achieved through assigned therapy homework; however, some patients struggle to complete the assignments given to them on their own, or even with the help of family and friends. Research has repeatedly shown the underlying thought process that keeps an anxiety syndrome alive is the individual’s perception of what they think is dangerous (when, in fact, many of those perceived fears are placed on people, objects, situations, memories, and predictions that are not truly dangerous in the here and now). Safety learning, on the other hand, must be learned through experience. Most patients have some level of difficulty approaching real life situations; therefore, Community-Based Services are offered to help our patients achieve their goals.

Conditions that are eligible for Community-Based Services:


Services that are offered by our Community-Based Skills Trainers:


Services Community-Based Skills Trainers cannot provide:


Community-Based Services are not eligible to be covered by insurance plans. There is an out-of-pocket cost associated with this service in addition to the costs associated with Portland Anxiety Clinic’s outpatient psychotherapy, psychiatry services, intensive outpatient program, and partial hospitalization program. 

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