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Dr. Sean Aaron, PhD

Dr. Sean Aaron, PhD collaboratively works with adults 18 and older to identify core values that inform the direction of treatment goals. Using evidence based practices such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), CBT, Cognitive Processing Therapy (for PTSD), mindfulness, and skills training, Dr. Aaron flexibly meets people where they are in their progress toward creating a life of meaning and purpose.

Specific concerns he works with are anxiety, trauma, sexual concerns, and OCD. Dr. Aaron also offers services tailored to support those navigating the difficult emotional, mental, and relational challenges of having a faith crisis or choosing to leave a high demand religion such as Mormonism or Evangelicalism.

Dr. Aaron received his PhD from BYU in Provo, Utah and had significant training in working with people with anxiety, out of control sexual behaviors or unwanted pornography use, faith transitions, and relationship concerns. He then completed his pre-doctoral internship with the Portland VA Health Care System with an emphasis in treating PTSD. He also had in-depth training doing Exposure and Response Prevention with patients with OCD at the Collective Care Clinic here in Portland. He provides both individual and couple’s therapy. 

Dr. Aaron grew up in Orem, Utah and is happy to be in the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys finding new waterfalls to explore, attending concerts, frequenting libraries with his kids, watching and discussing movies, and traveling to new places whenever he gets the chance.

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